Different kunai knife types in Naruto

Similar to a shuriken, kunai is an essential tool for any shinobi. It is a sharp black dagger, roughly a hand size, with a bandaged grip and a ring-shaped pommel. Although shinobi keep their weapons inside their pouches, they can alternatively be stored via cords that extend from the ninja’s sleeves.

In this article, let’s look at different types of Naruto kunai and which character from the series uses these tools.


The kunai naruto metal is primarily used for death thrusting and slashing, although it may also be launched. Using combustible tags, every shinobi can use the blades as something of powerful ranged weaponry that goes off whenever it gets close to its targets. In this context, the kunai is referred to as a Kibaku kunai. They can also use their Chakra to give their kunai superhuman strength, making it possible to see through thick wood or concrete.


This blade-like weaponry within the Naruto series is called the kunai. Two are in Kotetsu Hagane’s ownership, and he utilizes them in joint assaults alongside Izumo Kamizuki. Although it resembles a kunai in nature, its edges are single-edged, bent, and extended, providing it with a sword-like design and functionality. Around its extended, wrapped handle, this blade seems to have a tiny hole, and on its edges, it contains a bigger version of the circle that all kunai feature.



Zabuza Momochi was portrayed with a kunai with a unique inwards curvature on one edge to facilitate further slashing and dashing. In the animated series, Kirigakure also appears using a weapon of this sort.


Zaku Abumi utilized kunai containing central holes and no tip bands during the first portion of the Chunin Examinations.


During the first section of their Chunin Examinations, Kotetsu Hagane launched a deadly kunai toward Sukima with tassels attached to the rings (possibly to make them much more noticeable).


Team Oboro faced up against Team 7 with double-bladed kunai in the second half of the Chunin Examinations.


* Tenten employed dual kunai, each equipped with curved edges and blades and a small chain attached towards the bottom circle in order to pass the Chunin Examination.

* When menacing Menma, Tenten brandished a little kunai.

* Tenten offered a limited-edition type of kunai to celebrate National Parent and Children’s Day. The large knife was connected to a hoop (symbolizing their parents) at one end, while it hooked the shorter blades to a hoop with one edge and a little latch on the opposite (symbolizing the child).


In the first part of this story, a curved kunai knife was used when Kabuto Yakushi threatened to murder a hospitalized Sasuke Uchiha. It appears that Roshi used a similar model. It looks like a Chilean Corvo blade, which has become an iconic design.


Kidmaru, during his fight with Neji, fashioned a kunai blade using his Spider Sticky Golden method.


* To execute his Soaring Thunder God Skill, Minato Namikaze relied on a set of triple-bladed kunai blades that had been given specific seals.

* His distinctive weapon, the Minato kunai knife, has always been integral to his Space and Time Ninjutsu and the iconic Flying Thunder God Style.


Like Johyo, Shiin’s kunai blades were tethered to wide, very thin, scarlet cords.


Hisame wielded a kunai blade fashioned from water throughout the light novel adaptation of Naruto: Mission: Defend The Waterfall Town! (book).


As shown in the OVA Expedition: Defend the Waterfall Town!, Murasame and a gang of nine nameless Amegakure shinobi attacked Naruto’s party with a wide array of kunai blades.


As shown throughout the manga, the PrajñGang attacked Danz Shimura with very long kunai blades. They changed this inside the anime with the more common kunai and, afterward, the katana.


During the opening battle of the 4th Shinobi Great War, an unknown Iwa shinobi from the First Division wielded a kunai blade with a manriki-gusari connected to its handle, thereby turning it into a great kusarigama.


Obito Uchiha has many massive kunai blades that he keeps in the parallel universe so that he may fire them off rapidly alongside Kamui.


While fleeing from The Taki Kunoichi, the teenage Naruto discovers unique Takigakure kunai with a blade extending from one edge. It looked like a cross between a jutte and then a hachiwara, with its thin metal blades, each bigger than the other.


Two variants of the kunai blades were among the various weaponry made by Iō (medical-nin). The double-bladed with no handles, however, has toxins on the blades (and thus hazardous to the owner) and a variant with an additional circle rather than blades. They were essentially worthless.


The shinobi of Benisu Island use a type of kunai with rounded edges and smooth surfaces.


Throughout the animated series, Indra Ōtsutsuki utilized a type of kunai that is fashioned out of rock.


While attempting to kill Shion for the first time, Kusuna employed a type of kunai with two blades that could separate. Every one of the kunai had a firm hold on its handles.


Shizuku used a type of kunai featuring two extendable blades at the pommel that was linked to something like a rope terminating in a grip during the attempted murder of Shion, giving the weapon the same functionality as a Jōhyō.


Tobi’s Kamui gives him the power to manipulate space and time. In doing so, he generates a new dimension. This room has a large arsenal. Massive kunai is one of the weaponry he uses to attack his foes.


Magire used special glass-type kunai loaded with poisons throughout the book titled Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Flying Upon a Warm Spring Breeze.

In conclusion ninja weaponry plays a significant role inside the vast universe of the series Naruto, even in video games, movies, merch, toys, and naruto cards because it is the realm of every ninja. This kunai represents one of these tools. Any ninja throughout Naruto uses kunai as their primary tool. A ninja’s competence worldwide is demonstrated by their ability to control and use their kunai. They come in several varieties and are creatively mixed with other presentation components. Which kunai do you prefer?





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