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What is Kekkei Genkai?

A natural born ability passed down genetically by your family or clan. This has been referred to as a blood line limit on the series.

Types of Kekkei Genkai:


Byakugan: This Special kekkei genkai is one only passed down through the Hyuga clan. The Byakugan eyes appear as clear or white with no pupil visible to the naked eye. When Byakugan eye is activated you can visibly see veins surrounding the eyes exterior. These Hyuga eyes allow the user to see nearly a full 360 degree view with only a small blind spot at the top of the user spinal area. This ability also allows the user to sense movements and attacks inside of that field of vision. Byakugan eyes also allow the user to see through many objects near or far with the range depending on the ability of that individual user. Lastly this ability allows the user to see organs inside an opponent and chakra flow in opponents. In this area of chakra vision the byakugan ability has proven to be even stronger than the sharingan eye.

Hanabi Hyuga is a user of Byakugan. She is an heiress of the Hyuga clan as the younger sister of Hinata Hyuga.


Sharingan Eye
Uchiha Clan Sharingan Eyes

Sharingan: This impeccable kekkei genkai is one only passed down through the Uchiha clan. Unlike the Byakugan the sharingan does not get activated on every member of it clan at birth. The sharingan must be awaken by a strong loss of a loved one or the strong desire to protect. Sharingan eyes are red with a visible black pupil and 1 to 3 tomoe in each of their eyes. When the sharingan is first activated typically there will be just one tomoe and over time and development the other two tomoe appear. When users of the sharingan eye fully mature this is when we see the three tomoe present. The great sharingan eyes allow the user two main abilities. The first is sight, though not as powerful as the Byakugan the Sharingan can see the chakra in others and can see through some objects. These eyes are capable of seeing the opponents moves clearly in a predictive fashion. Secondly activated sharingan eyes allow the user to put their opponent under Genjutsu with merley eye contact. The sharingan user can manipulate a person’s body and mind with this ability. Itachi Uchiha had been feared for being able to control multiple opponents at one time making him infamous for his powerful sharingan eyes.

A great example of the power of the Sharingan eyes is the battle between Kakashi Hatake and Zabuza. At the time Zabuza was a very strong rogue ninja and was part of the infamous Akatsuki group. Even though Kakashi was not part of the hyuga clan and was not born with the natural ability of the sharingan eye he possessed a single eye and had developed his eye over the years. His battle with Zabuza is a prime example of the power a ninja can wield with possession of the sharingan.
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Users of the Sharingan Eyes:
Itach Uchiha
Fugaku Uchiha (better known as the Wicked Eye Fugaku or Saske and Itachi’s Father)

Combines Nature Tranformations:
This type of kekkei genkai is created by mixing one type of kekkei genkai nature with another. The user of this type of kekkei genkai must have been born with the ability and is not something that could have been transferred.

Boil Release: Boil release is the result of mixing water chakra nature and fire chakra nature. It is a very strong gas that is strong enough to boil just about anything in its path. It also remains in the air for a lingering amount of time.
May Boil release user.

Lava Release: Lava release is the result of mixing fire chakra nature and earth chakra nature. It makes a hot volcanic substance (lava like) that can burn through just about anything.
Momo chici is a lava release user.

Explosion Release: a result of mixing lighting chakra nature and earth chakra nature. This kekkei genkai allows the user to make their chakra explosive.
Dadera is a user of explosion release.

Scorch Release: A result of mixing fire chakra nature and wind chakra nature. This special kekkei genkai allows the user to heat up their opponent’s body until the opponent’s body fluids completely evaporate leaving the opponent in a dry mummy state.
Only user known to have this kekkei genkai is Pakura.

Storm Release: A result of mixing lighting chakra nature and water chakra nature. This powerful natur combination allows the user to create electrical beams of chakra in any direction.
Madura is a user of Storm Release.

Ice Release: A result of mixing ice chakra nature and wind chakra nature. This kekkei genkai allows the user to literally manipulate ice and yield it as a weapon. Also, this ability can freeze any near by water and tends to make the surrounding area colder even to the point of making the near area snow.
Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki is a user of Ice release

Wood Release: A Result of mixing earth chakra nature and earth chakra nature. This ability allows the user to create wood and even plants and trees themselves. More importantly this powerful kekkei genkai is strong enough to suppress the chakra of the tailed beasts and their jinchuriki.
Only natural user of wood release was hashirama

Magnetic Release: A Result of mixing wind chakra nature and earth chakra nature. This ability allows the user to create strong magnetic forces.
The third kazekage is a user of Magnetic release

Crystal Release: The mix of earth chakra nature and a unknown chakra nature. This unique ability allows the user to make just about anything into a crystal given there is some form of moisture.

Body Manipulation Kekkei Genkai:

Jugo’s Clan Kekkei Gentai: this highly special type of genkai allows th user to absorb natural energy and use it as a weapon. Though seen this kekkei gentai has proven to be a very powerful one it also tends to be hard on its user over time as they can be affected negatively from the constant absorption of natural energy, it can cause the user to have aggressive outburst or even the urge to kill.
Only natural user Jugo

Sakon and Ukon’s Kekkei Genkai: This allows the user to manipulate their body and change their cells on a molecular level. Sakon and Ukon where the only two to natural use this type of kekkei genkai. Mainly using it to share their body and chakra. Though it was also possible for the type to completely separate into two bodies and even fuse to a person’s body other than their own.

Shikotsumyaku Kekkei Genkai: the ability to manipulate the users bones by infusing calcium and chakra the user is able to make new bones at will and use them as weapons. These bones can be created from any part of the users body. The user can shoot the bones completely out of their body or use them as defense mechanism. Any bones expelled from the body are quickly regenerated.
Only nature user was kimimaro
We can see Kimimaro show off his impressive use of his Shikotsumyaku Kekkei Genkai when he fights against Rock lee with his Taijutsu in Naruto Episode 124, 125, and 126.

Kakashi’s Past and the Sharingan Eye

Kakashi in his younger years was raised by his father Sakumo Hatake. A talented Ninja who was very well known in the shinobi world. Kakashi at this early age was very much molded by his father’s perspectives on the definition of a successful ninja. He entered the Academy and was soon considered to be prodigy by his teachers. His peers looked up to him and due to his young success he was very popular. At the young age of 5 Kakashi graduated from the Academy in just one short year.
After becoming a genin, Kakashi Hatake was put on team with Rin Nohara and Obito Uchiha. In the early stages of training together it took time for Kakashi to open up to the idea of teamwork and relying on his teammates to get a job done. He was very much used to working alone in his victories.
After a short period of training Kakashi, Rin, and Obito known as team Minato where sent on a mission during the third shinobi war. Kakkashi being only 12 at the time was promoted to jonin and meant that he was now in charge of his team for their mission. Due to the awkward relationship between Kakashi and Obito when Kakashi was promoted Obito forgot to get him a gift in celebration of his promotion. Regardless of the fact they swiftly left for their mission.
In their attempt for this mission the enemy takes Rin captive. Obito quickly suggests to Kakashi that they should rescue Rin but Kakashi does not agree. He has been raised to complete a mission by Sakumo even if it means looking team members along the way. The mission to Kakashi is more important. Kakashi leaves to complete the mission on his own as he and Obito did not agree on abandoning Rin. But shortly after the fact Kakashi returns to assist Obito in rescuing Rin. Kakashi makes it just in time to save Obito from the enemy Taiseki with his ability white light chakra sabre that his father Sakumo passed down to him.
During this epic battle Kakashi’s left eye was hurt badly. They found Rin in cave near by but sadly it was a trap from Taiseki. He tried to cave in Kakashi but Obito pushed his out of harms way and ended up under the large boulder himself. In a true act of selflessness Obito knew he was done for and gifted Kakashi his Sharingan eye. The cave was completely cavin in and Kakashi did as Obito asked, he saved himself and Rin as the cave completely collapsed.




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